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Creator of the Dev Panel

The Rapid Rubyist

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The perfect introduction to Ruby for people have experience with other programming languages. No fluff, just simple explanations and code examples.

What people are saying

Matt has done a great job of boiling down the essentials of the Ruby programming language.

-- CloudAdmin

The Rapid Rubyist is one of the most useful books I've read in a long time.

-- R.B. Firestone

Every Penny Goes To Watsi

I decided before writing the book that the proceeds would probably be better used to help people through Watsi. Thanks to the people who purchased copies of The Rapid Rubyist we've helped to fund 20 individuals from children with severe breathing issues to single mothers with cancer.

Rails Core Contributor

12 Commits on Rails 4

Rails has been pretty helpful to me over the year. I went from suffering with Java and the J2EE Stack to a much more enjoyable career. I'm happy to have contributed back to the Rails community with commits, many of which document areas within Rails that had less than stellar documention.

Contribute too if you can :-)

Dev Panel Gem

Rails Statistics and Info in the browser

After a few years of culling the terminal logs I figured life would be much easier if I had access to some info about Rails on each page. Now you can see exactly what controller and action was called as you go from page to. Open a legacy project and you'll be able to see everything that is going on instantly.

Programming Videos

500 Subscribers and Climbing

Videos that teach the basics of Ruby and Computer Science. Some of the videos are used by Universities in the United States and abroad. A no non-sense style that gets right into the heart of what's being presented. Whether hands on coding or demonstrative videos, there is something for everyone.

Used by

Some of the videos are used by as explanations of how different features of Ruby work. Thousands of views later they continue to grow.

50,000 Minutes Per Year

Each year over 866 hours of video are watched on MattStopaDev. This year looks to be a big expansion. Stay tuned for forthcoming developments!

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